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Welcome to MDU Network Technologies.

MDU is what we do

If you are here, you are either a property owner or resident at a property served by our company. If a resident, you might be looking for our help desk to assist with immediate system enrollment or access issues. Please call (877) 947-3457. Our team should have you online in mere minutes if not seconds. Happy surfing.

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Who We Are

We eat, sleep, and breathe bandwith; plain and simple.

MDU Netech designs, installs, and manages fiber optic systems at garden style and mid/high rise buildings for owners who want to keep their assets technologically relevant.  Each network is designed specifically to a property’s needs by meeting both near and long term objectives.  Our networks assist owners in managing their multimillion dollar assets – from anywhere in the world.

Why fiber? Fiber optics is the only medium that can provide for the insatiable bandwith needs of users-needs that are greater in an MDU environment than a single family residence.  Coaxial and copper networks have significant limitations and prove cumbersome and costly when adding asset enhancing services, like property cameras and alarm system integration.  MDU Netech’s fiber optic system offers unparalleled reliability and consistency.  We prioritize speed, network management, system throughput, and ancillary services that assist owner’s income objectives. 

We have been active in the MDU market since 2004, initially focused on wireless deployments and mesh networks at A to B+ properties.  Always forward-looking, MDU Netech has become an innovator in fiber optic applications in the MDU environment.  We deliver services today’s residents want and tomorrow’s residents will demand, all while keeping the owner’s needs in sharp focus. 

At MDU Netech, we like satisfied residents who have a great data and video experience through our networks.  We like hearing about our customers who have lowered their insurance premiums via a camera system on one of our networks, and reduced vacancy expenses from our network enabled thermostats.  We like learning about new technology, and assisting our customers in staying on the cutting edge, ahead of trends.   We love to turn your ideas into reality.  What started as a small, family operation has grown into a business with a national footprint because we deliver.  Welcome to our family.  MDU is what we do.

What We Do

Let’s get down to business…

A new garden style fiber system often runs $160,000 to $250,000.  Our team at MDU Netech adds in excess of $1,000,000 in real property value without a single dollar outlaid by the owner.  Most owners opt to have the cost of installing their fiber system recovered by broadband and video subscriptions in an exclusive provider, bulk, or hybrid structure.  Door fee? Revenue share? We build these into our system’s capitalization costs, and charge residents accordingly.

If you own a 200+ unit property, especially one built prior to 1995, you already know the internet and video problems faced by your residents.  Coaxial and copper networks have significant limitations.  Slow internet service, actual speeds less than those advertised, grainy video pictures, and limited HD capabilities cost properties in decreased rental income, higher turnover, and declining occupancy.  MDU Netech’s fiber optic systems provide endless possibilities for your residents, property management, and asset value.  Bottom line, your residents will have the best data experience in your market.  Our systems are “plug and play ready” for national satellite providers, eliminating the need for dated looking satellite dishes on your property, and offering your residents a premium product. 

It’s time to upgrade your property.  It’s time to work with a company that views you, the owner, as Customer Number One.  MDU Netech has a national footprint.  Our clients continually pull us into new markets as they diversify their holdings.  With our go anywhere mentality we reduce the headaches associated with managing multiple service providers in various regions.  Our customers realize that the MDU Netech model prepares their properties for future IP services extending beyond traditional data and video providers. 

Give us a call and let’s get to work. We’ll exceed your expectations and enhance your bottom line.

Contact Us

Let us show you how we are different.
Give us a ring, shoot us an email. Let’s get going. It is time to upgrade your property. Would you rather upgrade with a company that is focused on an entire market (single family customers, MDU residents, commercial accounts) and is retail focused via their technology or would you like to partner with a company that is just focused on the MDU market and views you, the owner, as customer number one? Give us a call and let us show you why we are different.

Welcome to our company. MDU is what we do.
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